Coaching services


Black Esquire provides a variety of one-on-one coaching services to help you achieve the level of success you deserve!

Are you a pre-law student who wants to achieve your lawyer dreams and present your best self?

Are you a law student who needs some assistance with how to stay organized and study the right way?


Pre-Law Students

  • LSAT studying
  • Law school applications
  • Personal Statements
  • Diversity Statements

Law Students

  • Law school final exams
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Review
  • Cover Letter Review


“Aigné helped me feel so prepared for the bar exam this time around. Being a repeat bar exam test taker, I found myself losing a sense of drive, focus, and confidence for this exam. I felt more prepared and confident going into the bar exam this time around, with the tips and wisdom she provided me. I am so thankful to have had such a great tutor and support system during this bar prep process and I recommend her to anyone looking for that boost they need to approach this exam.”

Paulette – Black Esquire LLC Client

Law School Graduates

  • Bar Exam studying
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Review
  • Cover Letter Review

Our Price Packages

Coaching services are charged based on an hourly rate and in reduced price packages. All of Black Esquire’s plans are tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

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“Going into my 1L year my nerves were high. I sought out Aigné Goldsby, the founder of the wonderful Black Esquire organization. While working with her, she provided me with various methods I can incorporate throughout my law school journey to aid in my success. These methods ranged from making a schedule, to briefing cases and how to respond to exam questions. She has also been very supportive, catering to my worries of law school, and answering every question I have had. Working with her has really given me a leg up with note taking and case briefing. She has also alleviated many of the initial fears I had about starting school. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT or getting ready to begin school. Not only is Ms. Goldsby full of knowledge and passion for helping others, she is a very personable individual and an amazing resource to have.”

Tashia – Black Esquire LLC Client