Changes for the LSAT and Tips for Success

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The LSAT Goes Digital

The Law School Admission Council (“LSAC”) announced last month, that the Law School Admission Test (“LSAT”) will soon be offered in a digital format for test takers. Beginning in July 2019, the LSAT will join the club of other graduate school admission tests that are digital, including the GRE and GMAT.

The next administration of the LSAT is coming up this Saturday, November 17, 2018. This test will be administered in the paper format. Test dates for the LSAT on January 26, 2019, March 30, 2019, and June 3, 2019 will also be in the paper format. The first LSAT offered in the new digital format will be on July 15, 2019.

Beginning in July 2019, the LSAT will be offered in digital format.

What Does the LSAT Change Mean for Test Takers?

One of the major benefits to the new digital format is the ability to receive LSAT scores much faster. Those of us who have been there before know the agony of waiting for these results. A faster timeline also means more administrations of the LSAT, and potentially, a greater chance of admission to a law school.

The other more immediate benefit is the choice between taking the LSAT in the new digital format and the old paper format. For the July 2019 LSAT only, test takers can choose which format they use. The best part is, regardless of which format you choose for the July LSAT, LSAC will let you see your score first and then allow you to cancel it. This is actually a HUGE deal. Normally, test takers who take the LSAT and have that “gut feeling” they did not do well, would have to cancel their score before the release date. Having the ability to choose your test format AND whether or not you accept the score is essentially a free pass. My advice; take it! Beginning with the September 2019 LSAT, all tests will be in the digital format.

Tips For LSAT Success

We all know the LSAT is a test that requires time and discipline. For those of you taking the test before July, here are some tips:

1) Visit the test center before test day. Any little thing could impact your focus, including stress getting to the LSAT on time. Figure out where you will be headed beforehand and know how long it will take to get there.

2) Mirror what you have been doing for your practice LSAT tests. By now you have taken multiple practice LSAT tests. The best thing you can do is have as many circumstances the same so you perform well. (This includes, eating breakfast, exercise, getting adequate rest, etc.).

3) Do a few practice questions the morning of the LSAT test date. You do not want the first LSAT question you see be one on the exam. Do a few questions you have done before to build your confidence and remind yourself you can do it!

For those of you taking the LSAT in July or later, follow the same tips above. Additionally, you should practice the LSAT in the digital format so that you are comfortable.

Good luck!

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