California Bar Exam: Lucky or Disaster?

“On Saturday, July 27, we became aware that the State Bar inadvertently prematurely provided deans of several California law schools a list of the general subject matter topics contained in the July 2019 California Bar Examination essay questions and performance test…”

Donna Hershkowitz, Chief of Operations for the California Bar

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Today marks the beginning of the bar exam. For better or for worse, thousands of law school graduates from around the country will test their legal skills and stamina in this two or three day exam. For some, this feat may prove to be easier than they expected.

Typically, bar exam applicants must study from a number of subject areas for the essay portion of the exam without knowing which subject areas will show up on the actual exam. This weekend, everyone registered for the California bar exam got an unexpected gift; an e-mail telling them exactly what subjects would be tested in the essay portion.

According to the California State Bar, 16 law school deans were accidentally e-mailed the essay subject areas that Thursday. Northwestern California University School of Law, Trinity Law School, and UC Hastings College of the Law were among the 16 schools. Apparently it was a normal practice for the California Bar to send the subjects areas to the law school deans, but no until after the exam. That clearly did not happen this time around. So, what else could the California Bar do except for e-mail all the exam takers this information as well.

A copy of the memorandum with all the juicy details can be found here.

Good luck to everyone taking the bar exam!

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